A New Year

Sometimes it’s very easy to look at your current life situation and see no progress. You are overwhelmed in the now and it consumes all you can see. However, when you actually take a moment to reflect on the bigger picture of things you realize that there has been tremendous progress.  I was thinking that just the other day, that I was not progressing in certain areas that I really wanted to. Daddy encouraged me to stop and take a look back at where I was just a year ago.  Can you do that? Can you take a moment right now and think back as to where you were at compared to where you are now?

When I did that I saw the mighty hand of God moving dramatically in my life over the past year.  I could see several promises that had been fulfilled and several more given to me by him that brought forth hope and expectation. A year ago I would have never imagined where I would be at right now in my life. There has been much change in my life and our household and for that I am grateful.

2015 entailed us leaving our old church, transitioning into several new amazing friendships, completing training to do personal ministry appointments that were Holy Spirit centered, I learned how to more fully walk in Daddy’s Grace and love. I am better equipped to hear his voice, and I learned what real intimacy is supposed to look like in marriage. We saw our first vacation as a couple since our honeymoon, started homeschooling again and saw my online ministry take off beyond my wildest dreams. I was blessed to speak life and encouragement into many beautiful people who so filled my soul. I started a new job working with and loving on the elderly during their last days and I was able to see my own beauty through Daddy’s eyes.  Never would I have seen this coming a year ago.

I’m a beautiful work in progress and I can rest in that. I’m an awakening of His love in me and His kindness and goodness.  He has spoken tender words of mercy and grace over me this year, lead me into deeper revelations of who he is and who I am, and given many beautiful words and pictures of encouragement.   When I look at how far he has brought me in a larger space of time I can’t help but be overcome with awe of this journey we are on together.

It’s so easy in a moment to focus on the now and forget exactly how far we have actually journeyed with Him. I am thankful for the freedom he has led me into, and the freedom he is leading me into.  I am thankful for a relationship of intimacy with the one who loves me right now where I am.  As we enter into this new year, this is the word I have received from him and am released to share with you. I look forward with great anticipation to 2016 and all the amazing things it has in store for each of us.  I appreciate each of you and pray today that Daddy would take you on a journey of refection of how far he has brought you this year! Blessings, Julie

When you are walking in the love of my grace the need for others approval of you fades away. The need for acceptance and recognition disappears and you only see me, my eyes fixed intently on you. Long gone is the need to impress, long gone is the need to fit in, you are now in a position to simply be who I created you to be and be happy in exactly that. No comparison, no judgement, no expectations of what being looks like because it just is who you are, you can’t not be you. As you allow yourself to be engulfed in this new season of unconditional acceptance of self the joy you have longed for, the healing that has been so close but so far, manifests effortlessly. You laugh and love and enjoy each and every circumstance, your perception of what was once annoyances changes and you are able to finally see my hand in every situation that you encounter. Your hope rises up as you see the promises come to fruition which births more hope and more and more, a continuous birthing of newness is in this year. Newness of self perception, newness of finances, newness of love, newness of deeper intimacy and newness of calling. This is your year to explode to reach out of the box others had put you in for far to long and shine brightly like the star you were created to be. To draw others to you by your realness and love and compassion for their freedom. This is your year to explode and bring home the power that has always been yours to walk in. This is your year to let go of the past and fully embrace the newness of self that was yours on the cross all those years ago. Now is the time my love, now is the season, NOW that is the word for this year for your life. NOW!~Abounding Grace Prophetic

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