About Me

I wouldn’t have consider myself a writer, per say, but I’ve been told that I am by others who have been touched by my ramblings along this life journey. My hope is that by inviting you to share in this journey with me, we would both grow closer and walk deeper in relationship with our Heavenly Daddy and that we would learn a little bit more about ourselves along the way. The revelations that I glean I can only attribute to the one at work within me, the Holy Spirit. It is only by his revelation that I know what I know at this point in my life. That does not mean I know it all, nor do I claim to, as we are all a beautiful unveiling in the fathers capable hands. Now onto a little bit more about who I am.

I am a child of God, a daughter of the King, a princess in the house of the Lord, a priest, and if you know Daddy then you are too. (Even if you don’t believe it yet.) I love my Abba, whom I affectionately call Daddy and am continually amazed at this journey he has me on.

I like to say I was a high school Film and Broadcast teacher in my previous life,  even though it wasn’t that long ago, it sure does feel like it.  I quit teaching at both the high school and college level after 13 years, to stay at home and raise my four amazing blessings. This was not something I had ever planned on doing but Daddy called me to it, and I said yes. It has proven to be my favorite and most challenging job yet, I am truly raising some determined world changers.

I met and married my college sweetheart, Jason, after several God encounters, and we have been together now for 19IMG_6973 years. I love that man only second to Abba, he can always make me laugh, gets my goofy dry humor, and loves coffee as much as I do. Most recently we have both discovered a passion for ballroom dancing.

I believed on Daddy (was saved) when I was 17 and fell passionately in love with him, years passed and that passion dried up. I found myself exhausted from trying to live up to all religion had told me I must do and be. I was a ball of fear and anxiety, who desperately wanted to please my Daddy. (Little did I know I already did.) I was fearful of the consequence of missing a sin and not confessing it, not wanting to be out from under God’s good graces.  I was afraid of God being mad at me, if I didn’t tithe enough, serve enough, make myself humble enough. I didn’t feel like I measured up in any area, I was petrified of missing what he wanted me to do for him. I was utterly exhausted and feeling totally depleted in my life after years of trying to do enough, be good enough, perfect enough, Holy enough for God to bless me, love me, accept me, and simply not be mad at me. One morning during quiet time on my front porch, I sat totally unsure of what to even pray for and that still small voice of the spirit simply said “more.”  So that’s how this journey started, I simply prayed more. That more intensified and it became my hearts cry. There was a new desperation bubbling inside of me to know more of who God was and more of who I was in him. My false identity that had been so deeply rooted in my doing was starting to peel away as Daddy was showing me the more, thus, begin this amazing journey of discovery into Pappa’s loving arms of grace and this revelation of his rest.