Be Still

For quite some time I have been trying to wrap my head around what resting in the Lord really means. I come from a long line of very active doers, people who do not sit still.  While we accomplish tons, it doesn’t always leave us energized or fulfilled.  Daddy has been teaching me what his rest looks like.

I’ve had many words spoken over me to just rest and be still, to be a Mary and not a Martha. Daddy gave me Psalms 46:10 over a year ago to meditate on.  I felt that learning how to rest like Mary and stop being a Martha would be like arriving at a destination.  I would think I had finally arrived and then I would get another word that said just be still, or rest in him. Honestly, I would start to get a little upset that I still wasn’t getting this thing called rest.  I would think resting meant doing nothing in the sense of cooking, cleaning, etc. That is not the rest he was trying to show me.

What Daddy is showing me is that it is not a destination that we will arrive at, it is a process that involves different levels of understanding his rest.  Can we give ourselves some grace in this journey. Just because someone is speaking to me to just rest doesn’t mean that I haven’t attained a new level then what I was at previously.  He showed me it was more of a call of “OK, here we go time to go deeper still into the rest of my grace.”

Psalm 46:10 Be still and know that I am God

Still (7503-raphah) sink back, relax in, refrain, let drop the hand, let go, become helpless, collapse, fall limp, lazy.

In the original greek it is worded: Be still that know – I [am] God I will be exalted among the nations I will be exalted in the earth

477600_29871066Daddy showed me that this is a call for those that know him to let go and become helpless, to sink back and relax confident in his care for us, to cease striving and be at rest. It isn’t about resting from our daily duties although for some of us that might be part of it, it’s about resting fully confident that he has taken care of it all.   That there is nothing left for me to do.  That it isn’t about what we need to do, it’s about what he’s already done, and we are being called to rest in that.

For some of us this is a very scary thought. For some of us the thought of giving up all control and just fully trusting and believing in Daddy’s care in all areas of our life is smeared with past hurts and wounds and disappointments making this seem utterly impossible. For some the thought of simply being lazy and doing nothing makes you feel that this is wrong, surly I must be doing something.

Daddy call to us has alway been to simply believe, that is all. We all may be at different points in this journey of believing him and entering into the wonderful rest but there is always a deeper still, there is always a greater knowledge of that rest that he is longing to show us.

Can you set aside our own ambitions to try and earn his love and favor like Martha and just sit (Raphah) at his feet.

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