Conversations with a Toddler

Being a stay at home mommy can make stealing away more than a few moments to sit in Daddy’s arms and chat an interesting challenge. I usually try to sit with him before the littlest gets up. This morning Isaiah (our toddler) found me sitting in our front room drinking my coffee and talking to God about the things that were pressing on my heart. He asked me what I was doing and I said talking to God. “I don’t hear him,” was his childlike response.

I explained to him that talking to God doesn’t always mean a voice we can hear out loud. Sometimes it is like a voice inside of me, and we have a conversation that way, that is just between us. Sometimes it he talks to us through his book (the bible), or through nature, or even through another person. I told him that Daddy is always speaking to us, and that you might just not know it’s him. I explained that it may sound like a strangers voice in your head that you don’t recognize yet, but you can tell it is God because of what he is saying. I went on to explain that God is kind, and loving, and always nice, that he would never be mean or angry or yell at you or make you feel bad. I told him that God loves him so very much, and that God loves mommy very much too, which is why he wants to talk with us. I could see him thinking about all I was telling him, with that serious 3 year old toddler look on his face. “Mommy I don’t like him.” I knew this was coming out of a heart of fear, of not fully understanding what I was saying about having some strange voice talking to him in his head. I got it, but then I heard Daddy, “He is no different than many others who do not truly know me, who do not understand my very nature is good and loving and they are afraid.” My heart broke.

Hearing God, I believe is the most important thing in the life of any believer. I believe that not teaching people how to hear the voice of God is destroying the church and making people continually dependent on others when that was never God’s desire. Having that relationship with him where we can confidently, expectantly, go to him at any moment of any day and know that he will answer is invaluable. He is true wisdom, perfect truth, there is no substitute.

I was not always in that place where I had that type of relationship where I could simply converse with him wherever and whenever I wanted. It had always been a desire, a prayer of mine to have that type of relationship and I’m thankful to have that today. But it was no way my doing. My hearing him was hindered by not knowing who he was. The fear that I felt hindered that relationship. I saw God as a big angry judge and not a loving Daddy. I saw him waiting to dole out the punishment the minute I messed up. Who wants to curl up into the lap of a big angry judge, I sure didn’t. My perception of him was wrong.

“There is no fear in love, but perfect love casts out fear. For fear has to do with punishment, and whoever fears has not been perfected in love.” -1 John 4:18

God is love (1 John 4:16), and that perfect love, that Agape love, casts off all our fear. Fear is the Greek word phobos. Phobos means to flee, withdraw, fleeing because of feeling inadequate, it means withdrawing from Daddy. Sound familiar to anyone?

There is no fleeing in love, but perfect love casts out (gets rid of) fleeing from Daddy. Can you see here who is going to get rid of that fear that fleeing, is it us? No! It’s love, and who is love? It’s God. For many years I thought it was up to me to get me to that point of hearing God better, if I spent more time, if I fasted, if I did it this way, or in that order, and Daddy showed me it’s not up to me it’s all him. He is the one that will casts out my fears. He is the one that will show me who he is so that I understand there is no punishment that will every come on me. He is a good Daddy, a loving Daddy just like I was telling Isaiah.

If we have fear in our lives then we are not to the point of fully trusting Daddy in that area, of fully believing that he is going to hold us, cradle us, take care of us in his loving embrace. We haven’t yet fully come to the understanding of who he is. (Now don’t hear that I have fully come to that understanding because I haven’t, the good news is, there is always more.) Daddy wants to fully persuade us (which is what faith means) of who he is so that we can BELIEVE. The believing comes after the persuading work Daddy does within us.
If this has touched your spirit and you feel a stirring that this type of relationship, this type of communication is something that you too desire, then let me encourage you ask Daddy today for just one thought he has about you. Just one, or if you are bold then go for more! I would love to hear what he says if you would like to share in the comments of this post. I fully expect each of you to hear him.How to

One thing I know is that Daddy longs to have this type of relationship with you even more than you do. He has already been at work stirring that desire for more within you. There is nothing you have to do to get to that point of hearing him, just rest in the work he has already begun.

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One thought on “Conversations with a Toddler

  1. Oh Julie, your wisdom is beyond your years. Keep working on that little man and one of these days it will click and he will know that God loves him very much and he will not be afraid. You are blessed to have the opportunity to mold him and transfer what you have learned into his mind at this young age. He will start soaking it up like a sponge when he finally catches on to who God is and how much He really loves him.