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I’ve been digging into the tithe, offering and giving again and how it looks in the New Covenant of Grace after a friend had some questions on it.  I love to re-dig and look and learn more, this journey of revelation is never over. I think it’s important for us to know what we believe and why we believe it.  That doesn’t mean I will try and shove my belief down your throat, as I fully believe that is not what we are called to do. Neither do I feel I must defend my beliefs to you, if I’m secure in what I believe and why I believe it that shouldn’t be necessary.  However, what I will do is talk with you as a friend openly if you ask me my opinion. I want to be able to tell you what I believe and why I believe it. I should be able to do that clearly, and be able to answer questions that come up.  That doesn’t mean that I will always know all the answers, and that’s alright because to me that is the joy in the journey, the discovery!  We are all still learning, there is always the deeper still, praise God for His revelations.

What I have seen and was once guilty of myself was just taking other peoples opinions about the gospel and its truths on as my own. I read my bible but I really was not digging in and seeking out the truth in each area for myself. I think part of the issue for me was I didn’t think I could.  I felt a wee bit unqualified.  What Daddy showed me is that we each have the same Holy Spirit inside of us. So you, yes you reading this, you can get the same knowledge as anyone else because the spirit inside of you that reveals His truths is the same as mine, your pastors, your next door neighbor theological student, and even your son or daughter. There is no junior Holy Spirit people. (More on that another time)

Each of us are responsible for our own beliefs, and I would encourage you to dig in, check it IMG_7795out, ask questions. You can do it, you have an amazing teacher known as The Helper living right there inside of you. We have a Daddy who loves to talk, who wants to reveal himself to us.  I realize some of you reading this may not yet believe or fully understand  yet that Daddy talks to you. You don’t know that you can be in a position to hear his voice any time of the day, that he is willing and able to answer any questions that you have anytime.  I understand where you are coming from because I use to be you. Let me encourage you and tell you there is always more.  You can and will hear him whenever you want if that is your hearts desire. It sure was mine and he did not disappoint, he is such a good Daddy.

If you struggle with this ask Daddy to help you, to show you, to persuade you and trust that He will. He wants this more than you do friends, he is so in love with you.  I’m also here to pray for you if you need it, feel free to contact me, but I will always first point you back to the one who created you, loves you, and knows you on the deepest level. With all that being said, I’ll get on to what I originally started this blog with. (I love how Daddy just takes you on a detour sometimes, I just go with his flow.)

So I was digging in again to what it looks like to give under the New Covenant of Grace and was on a bit of information overload with all the research.  As I’ve stated before I do not believe that Tithing is part of the New Covenant.  I realize many people will disagree with me there and I’m OK with that.  However,  if you are disagreeing with me and haven’t looked into it yet for yourself and are simply taking someone else’s word for it, please do.  I will include some resources at the bottom of this post for you if you are interested.

I stopped my research, and said Daddy I have heard what all these other people think, I want to know what you think.  Will you define this for me? He did. His answer blessed me so much I thought I’d share it with you as I feel it might be a blessing to some of you. He defined giving under grace as this, “Use everything that you have to show others who I am.”

By everything, he was specific to tell me this wasn’t just to be limited to money, money was but a tiny part. It included my time, my talents, my abilities, my knowledge, my giftings, my positions, and my resources. He went on to show me how I was giving in my life in ways I hadn’t even realized, ways that I wouldn’t have considered as giving, but he sure did. I was giving by giving up my career in teaching to stay home and raise my kids, by doing so I am showing them who Daddy is. By choosing to love the ones who hurt me, I am showing them who he is. By donating things to the homeless outreach, I am showing the homeless who Daddy is. By making a sick neighbor dinner, I am showing them who he is. By encouraging those a part of my Prophetic FaceBook Page with words and pictures, I’m showing them who he is. By writing this blog and sharing my journey with each of you, I am showing you who he is. By helping a friend by answering a question about how to get so and so clean,  I’m showing them who he is.

Jesus is not an example for us, he is an example of us! Of who we truly are. Don’t you see all of what I was doing above and all of who I am was created to show others who Daddy is.  That is what giving looks like under the covenant of Grace.

Let me challenge you with this, if we say that our giving is simply suppose to be a certain percent of a certain thing(s) aren’t we limiting our opportunities to revealing Daddy to those around us? I did none of the above things out of obligation, I did not do them expecting something in return, I did them because of who I am.  I did them because I wanted to, and it brought me joy.  The return or “reward” for us giving was never meant to be a monetary value, the return and reward is the joy we get from doing it. Blessings!


Great resource here on not only tithing but also an explanation of Abrahams tithe to Malchizedek.

There is a ton more here.

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