Daddy Do You Love Me?

My prayer lately has been Daddy show me how you love me, help me to know how to receive your love and what that looks like in my life.  He’s been leading me back again to studying the 23rd Psalm lately. I’ve been pondering it again with fresh eyes through the finished work of Jesus. One thing is for sure David believed in who God was, he knew God and was confident in his knowledge of Him.

The Lord is my Shepherd.

David believed that Daddy would take care of all his needs. He being a shepherd understood the role of a shepherd intimately and he fully trusted God in that role in his life.  A shepherd is responsible for the welfare of his flock. He also protects the sheep from predators.  Shepherds are responsible for tending to injuries and basic medical treatment for their flock. The shepherd makes frequent checks on all the sheep at all hours of the day and night and assist ewes in the birthing process.

God is my shepherd; he takes care of me. He protects me from predators and those things against me trying to bring forth death. He tends to my hurts and needs, my injuries and sicknesses lovingly.  He is constantly aware of what is going on with me, every inch, every detail tending to me helping me in this birthing process that is bringing forth the new life that is already in me.

The Lord is my Shepherd, I shall not want. 

Want here is the Hebrew word chaser it means:

  • Bereaved: be deprived of a loved one through profound absence, or death
  • Be abated: die down, lessen, decrease, diminish, fade, weaken, become smaller or less intense, lessen, reduce
  • Cause to fail
  • Have Lack

David understood and believe that Daddy would provide for all his needs, he believed that he would not be deprived of God’s love or be absent from him. He believed that he would not decrease or diminish in the Shepherds tender care.  He knew that he would not fail or have lack in any way. He trusted in his Good Shepherd.

That type of trust and belief can only come when we have intimate knowledge and relationship with Daddy.  When we fully know and believe that he is a good father.

He makes me lie down…96f5f3980a5b45cf7e39ce50e268a080

This part bothered me for some reason because I was reading it as he forces me to and that to me didn’t sound like love.  When I was thinking about it I thought can you really force a sheep to lay down? Is that even possibly if it’s a big one? Why would he make me? Where is the free will in that? But then the Holy Spirit unpacked it a bit more for me and it was beautiful.  A sheep lays down when they are fully sated, or satisfied. He was showing me that his care of me, his abundance of every good thing satisfies me to that point that I am fully sated. It is then that I lie down. I lie down, but I do so because he has filled me, so in essence he makes me lay down by his filling of me. Because he has tended and cared for me so beautifully I am fully satisfied and can lay down and where does he have me lay down?

He makes me lie down in green pastures.

Green pastures are cool and refreshing rest, they are delight and provision and the very example of God’s covenant of Grace with us. I’m so full of his goodness of Grace I lay down in this cool refreshing rest fully satisfied.

I also found it interesting that sheep cannot digest all they have eaten until they law down.  It is not until I lay down in rest that I can fully digest it all.

He leads me beside the still waters

Leads: protects

Beside: to on

Still waters: are waters of rest and refreshment, comforting, quiet

He protects me and leads me to the still waters, the safe waters or refreshment and rest. I found it is interesting to note that sheep will not drink from moving waters, mainly due to instinct because if a sheep’s wool gets wet it surely will drown as it sucks up the water and makes it heavier.

He restores my soul;

Restores=turn back, return

Daddy returns my soul to the truth of my being, he brings me back from my errors.

He guides me, leads me in the paths of righteousness (safety) for His name’s sake.

He returns my soul to the truth of my original design, leading me on the path of righteousness for his Glory. I am his Glory. Not because of anything I have done, but simply because of His love and grace. He chose me before I was even born.

I am the sheep, He is the Shepherd, all I am called to do is to trust and believe in Him.  Learning to accept Daddy’s love is looking a lot like learning to trust who he says he is so in return I can trust who he says I am.  It is seeing myself as worthy to be loved, worthy to be known, worthy to be cherished, worthy to be cared for by the creator Himself, the King of Kings.  It’s stepping into the role of Daughter, Bride, Righteous. It’s beginning to see the power that is inside of me, the keys he has given me, the territory that has always been mine. Blessings.

Luke 12:32

“Do not be afraid, little flock, for your Father has chosen gladly to give you the kingdom.

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