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I was seeking God today on prosperity and what that looked like as it often seems we are lacking in areas in our life. He took me to the story of Jesus feeding the masses with the fish and bread of the little boy, he reminded me that he didn’t just feed them, that there was abundance left over, basketfuls. Read it here. All the little boy did was be willing to trust Jesus with what he had and allow Jesus to do the miracle. Jesus took what the little boy had and then told everyone to sit down, to rest. As they rested he thanked God for what was there and he did the miracle, where was everyone else? Resting on the ground, who did the the thanking and producing? Jesus.

He was showing me that lack is never his will, that “just enough” isn’t his will, that more than enough is his ways. How can I be a blessing to others if I have “just enough?”

Back of Shell

Back of Shell

He lead me to other examples of his abundance to his children in the bible as well. Then he lead me to a quote that read, “The secret to walking in the blessing of Abraham in your life is to stop trying to deserve it.”-Joseph Prince

How often are we trying to somehow get God to bless us, maybe tithing expecting him to “Prove” himself to us. If you start to dig into scripture you will notice that tithing is NOT in the New Covenant. And you my friend are under the New Covenant of Grace. Check it out, don’t take my word for it, you need to see it for yourself right there in black and white. Maybe you’ve been taught that fasting X amount of days, spending X amount of time in prayer each day, never missing a “church” service is how to get God’s ear, or what you must do to earn his approval. (I think I’ll have to expound more later on what the “church” actually is but I can tell you it is not a building.) God doesn’t need or want your money to bless you, you are blessed not because of what you do or give but because of who you are, his child. Sweet friends us doing isn’t what he desires, he desires the simple belief and the posture of rest, like the boy with the loaves and fishes. That is all.

He continued to press on me that financial success comes from God alone. He reminded me that He is our provider, not my spouse’s job, nor my job (if I still had one), but him alone. Trusting in anything other than his provision has only caused me stress, fear, and anxiety. It’s stolen my joy and enjoyment and that right there is a huge indicator that isn’t what he wants.

Front of Shell

Front of Shell

When we visited my parents in Texas this year we spent a day at the beach. I love looking for shell’s, it’s a special memory from my childhood vacations, strolling the beach with my parents collecting the treasures from the sand. On our way to the beach that day I prayed Daddy would lead me to find a shell that looked like a heart. This is a special sign between him and I, he often shows his love for me by using things in nature such as heart shaped stones, clouds, snow spots, and rain, to speak to me. Today though I was asking specifically for this sign from him, this love embrace from Heaven that was special just for me. He is such a good Daddy, not only did I find one shell that did indeed look like a heart, but it had a heart on both the inside and the outside. That in itself to me was more than I expected. I was overjoyed, but he wasn’t done he lead me to another heart shell as well, an abundance I later shared with my daughter. My simple request was met with love, not anger for me asking, but abundant fulfillment. Just like I as a parent love to give my children their deepest desires, so does he. It is his pleasure to give you gifts.

Often times we don’t allow him to lavish that love upon us, we are to wrapped up in trying to do it all ourselves that we are missing the Daddy that is right there ready and willing to do it all for us. If we would just trust him with what we have and hand it over and sit back and rest and watch him perform the miracle. How much joy and peace would flow from that posture.

Today will you allow yourself to live loved by Daddy?

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2 thoughts on “Living Loved

  1. Thanks Julie! This is what He has been showing me that He is my provider, not my husband or myself. Daddy gives me everything I need for myself and family. To trust is what I sense when concerns of finances come to mind and to give generously from my heart and not to be “tight fisted”. I’m always amazed how He is working on my heart, then shows me different blogs and devotions that confirm what Daddy is stirring in me. Thank you for being obedient to what He is calling you to do. You will inspire and challenge many in their faith, what and why they believe.

    • Thank you Michelle! Giving out of inspiration of his love for us is always organic, wether we are tight fisted or not he always loves us and will continue to bless us because it’s about who we are and not what we do. It’s just when we trust him the ride is so much more enjoyable. I don’t believe he needed that boys fish to feed them but look at how amazing it would have been to watch your fish turn into that miracle.