Why Class of None

Why this name you may ask, because Daddy is revealing to me that there is none like you. My prayer is that along this journey heLOGO will reveal that to you into the very depth of your soul until there is no longer any lingering doubt of who you are and whose you are.

The Class of None isn’t your traditional classroom where attendance and rules apply; it doesn’t look or feel like anyone else’s. This classroom is the special place that Daddy comes and meets with you and speaks to your heart. The Class of None is about “newness” in thinking, it’s about allowing Daddy to unveil himself to us in new ways, thus getting rid of old patterns of thought and birthing newness. It’s about the unveiling of the truth.

So with that being said, get comfy, get yourself your favorite drink, and get ready to hear from the one who created you in his perfect image, who loves with an unquenchable, unconditional love.

Let me be the first to Welcome you to The Class of None, There is None Like You. Yes You! You are perfectly perfect right now in this place, even if you don’t see it all just yet.

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