The Fruit of the Spirit

And you have forgotten the exhortation which is addresses to you as sons? “My son, do not regard lightly the discipline of the Lord, nor be weary when reproved by him.  For those whom the lord loves (agape) he trains, and Hebrews 12:5-6 ESV

(My interpretation after looking into the Greek) And you have forgotten the encouragement and comfort of anyone who is addressed (giving and receiving of truth that leads to the deeper understanding) as daughters? My Daughters, do not admire lightly the training of the Lord, nor grow weary when you are exposed by Him.

Daddy’s showing me that when he exposes beliefs in me that are not His Truths of my identity, sometimes it hurts.  However, by exposing those wrong beliefs He is confirming to me that I am His Daughter. When God corrects me and teaches me, He does it from the perspective of sonship.  that is from His love for me. He wants me to walk in the fullness of my true identity as Daughter, lacking nothing, complete in who I am. Anything less is not enough for Him, He will not stop pursuing and convincing me of who He says I am.

Yesterday he uncovered some false belief I had about self-discipline. I had believed that self discipline somehow was linked to primarily me taking care of my body, me taking care of being the weight the world said was “acceptable,” me being strong enough to restrain and control.

Praise God for truth. Do you see all the Me’s above, that should have been my first warning sign. Whenever we are looking at ourselves in an area and not Jesus, that is never a good thing. Self Discipline isn’t about me doing something it’s all about the Spirit within me. Self Discipline is a fruit of the spirit and I am not called to create the fruit. I am called to simply bear the fruit. I was trying to produce it myself through self effort.

He also showed me that my belief that Self Discipline meant taking care of my body and my weight, was a total lie. That is not truth. When I read 1 Cor 6:19, I believed that it was saying because my body was a “Temple” it was supposed to look a certain way physically and if it didn’t then I was messing it up and I needed to try harder. He showed me that if you read the verse before it, 1 Cor 6:18, it gives you the context. He was talking about sexual immorality, having sex with others in ways God didn’t intend.  I know that when I have sex outside of marriage or in wrong context even within a marriage that is not Gods desire for me. It doesn’t produce good things in me. This verse is saying don’t do that with your body, can’t you see that your body has the Holy Spirit inside of you, living there. What power is that to be reminded of. The Holy Spirit inside of us is the one who produces the fruit.

IMG_7847 1 Cor 6:20 it says, You have been bought with a price; therefore glorify God in your body. It’s reminding us of our value that Jesus showed us on the cross. The value of something is only seen in the price someone is willing to pay for it. Jesus paid for us with his life, this verse is telling us to look at that, to remember that, that is who we are, that is how much we
are worth. When we aren’t seeing the truth in who we are when we have unbelief about a piece of our identity it is then where we see behaviors spring forth that is opposite to Daddy’s design for us.  This verse is encouraging us that as we see our true value, then we will glorify God, effortlessly, it’s the fruit of Him who is already in us.  Glorify here is Doxazo and it means to personally acknowledge God in His true character, his worth in our physical body.

We honor God with our body by believing in Jesus and his work on the cross. By allowing ourselves to fully see our true identity in Him.

John 6:29 Jesus answered, “The work of God is this: to believe in Him whom He sent.”

Believe here is Pisteuo: and it means believe, have faith in, trust in, being persuaded by the Lord.

When we allow the Holy Spirit inside of us to persuade us of who we really are and the lies that have been keeping us from walking in that identity will be exposed and fall away with God’s truth. Praise God because when they are exposed healing comes. Discipline has been taught in such a light to bring fear and condemnation on people but when we look at it for what it really means training, exposing we can begin to fully understand Daddy’s goodness.

One of my favorite teachers states this so well:

Now, the only correction that is lasting correction is the correction of BELIEF! It is the correction of what you believe. The Bible says, “The just shall live by faith.” Now, if the just shall have life by faith, how will we have death? We will have death by unbelief — or not believing the right thing! When God looks at a man, He looks at  “What do you believe?”, for God knows that from the heart flows the issues or the forces that drive your heart. So when God corrects you, even if you have a wrong action, He will correct your belief and so will your action be corrected then by the power of the new belief — – or actually, by the power of Him, His resurrection power, because by faith we have access into the grace of God which is the ability of God to bring forth life in you. Because when we believe what God believes, then we’ve entered into the realm of the Spirit. We’ve entered into the dynamics of the Trinity! We’ve entered into God. The very core of God is what God believes and the very core of who and what you are is what God believes about who and what you are.-Bertie Brits from Compassionate Correction.

We need to stop buying into what the world says that we must do, have, look like, and start asking Daddy what he says we should do, have, and look like.  When I asked him to show me what Self-Discipline meant to him he showed me a person shoving handfuls of Potato Chips in their mouth as crumbs where flying every direction.  He told me that he showed me this because this was the exact opposite of my definition of what I thought Self-Discipline looked like in my life.  (He has such a sense of humor.) He was showing me that his definition of Self-Discipline was the exact opposite of mine. It had nothing to do with me “doing” something but everything with Him doing it. My work is to believe.  His definition was all about His Spirit working in me, teaching me, training me, exposing my false beliefs so that I can walk in His fullness of who he says I am.  The Lord doesn’t judge by outward appearance but by the heart. 1 Samuel 16:7, Luke 16:15 Stop letting the world define you because when you do you will always hear, You aren’t enough!

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