Not Seeing Ourselves as Partakers of God's Life

Today I am digging in to what the definition of sin really means after a prompting by Daddy. I use to be so fearful of getting this walk wrong with him, to the point that my prayers looked like me begging him, “Just tell me what you want me to do and I’ll do it.”  This may look good on the surface, but actually for me it was coming from a servant mentality, a tell me what to do to make you happy master. Not from a daughter perspective. (Now if you haven’t read my other post on prayer I would encourage you do so here.)

If my son or daughter came to me and said Mommy, just tell me what you want me to do, I love you so much I’ll do whatever you tell me to because I want you to be happy with me. What would I say to them?  Would I say “Finally,” and pull out a list of things for them to do to earn my love? Or would I pull them into my arms and remind them that I already love them, that there is nothing they have to do for me to love them more and there is nothing they can do to make me love them less.  He is such a better parent than I am so of course he doesn’t pull out a to do list, his Holy Spirit inside of me reminded me of how much I am loved as His daughter.  I didn’t believe it right away but he is a great persuader.

What he is continuing to show me is that he is the one leading me into his truths. He is the one guiding me along this beautiful journey.  I do not have to fear getting it wrong because His Spirit is in me leading me and guiding me, perfectly. Where I was two years ago in my walk with him looks nothing like my walk with him now because of his leading and pursuit of me. It has nothing to do with what I did, it has everything to do with what he has done and is doing in me. Wrong beliefs he replaced by deeper truths revealed by His word, and His Spirit.

I’m coming to see that sin is when we don’t see ourselves as partakers of Gods Life. When we don’t believe we are who he says we are.Partake means to receive, or take part in. Daddy has always said, I’ll give you everything for free (Grace), I’ll fight your battles, I’ll do it all for you, I’ll just make the manna fall from heaven, you don’t want manna OK I’ll give you the quail because you asked, you don’t need to do anything but partake (receive). You are created in the very image of me, that as a man just like Jesus was/is a man you are my very image, my very likeness. Everything I have is yours, freely given!

Sin in my life looked a lot like me serving him because I so desperately wanted to please him, to earn his love. I was not partaking in his true life for me, I was not realizing he was already pleased with me beyond compare.  Me giving to him the tithe and offering was coming from a little bit of obligation and fear of his wrath, it was partially to obtain his blessing and partially my joy because I loved him and wanted to make him happy. I did not realize that what he really wanted me to do was to simply receive the truths about what he had already done for me, what he already has given me, His (Zoe) Life.

To me being a good Christian looked like me making sure I was doing my quiet time and bible study every day (check, check) That way he saw how much I loved him. My heart was in the right place to the point of my understanding at the time, but the problem with that thinking was I was putting the responsibility of my acceptance on me and what I was doing for Him. I’m not saying these things are bad nor that we shouldn’t do them, but anytime the focus shifts from what He has done for us to what we are doing for Him we are putting ourselves in a dangerous place (under the law of death) and that is not what he wants for us. I wasn’t yet seeing that these things were not necessary for him to love me, that all these things would flow effortlessly when I understood the truths about who He was and who I am in Him. I wasn’t yet understanding His love isn’t earned but that it’s given freely and it’s already mine. That’s the good news of His grace.

My life and understanding now is not the same as it was then and it is all because of Him. His Spirit in us is the one that shows us the truths of who He is.  He showed me that the role of the Holy Spirit is different prior to our salvation and after. The Holy Spirits job prior to salvation is to convict us of our need for Daddy’s life, after our salvation his job turns to convicting us of the life we were raised into when we believe. He reminds us of our Righteousness.  It begins to look a lot more like Hey, this is who you are, remember, you are holy, righteous, loved, Daughter of the King. Condemnation is not the Holy Spirits job, that is the enemy’s territory.

But the Helper, the Holy Spirit, whom the Father will send in my name, he will teach you all things and bring to your remembrance all that I have said to you. John 14:26

The Holy spirit is our Helper, the word for helper is parakletos which means advocate, comforter, counselor.  If you look at the roots you can see it means close beside and call, or name.  The Holy Spirit now as believers reminds us of who we now are, he calls us by our new name, his job is not to condemn us. John 12:47, Romans 8:1

He convicts us of the truth about our new identities, these truths we can believe and receive for free or choose not to and continue to try to earn them by our own self works, as I was before.  Even then, if we choose not to believe what he says about us and continue to try to earn what he has freely given he assures us that he will never leave us. He doesn’t give up on you, He will continue to show you His truths until you are at a point where you can believe if you let Him.

I can rest in His leading me on this journey without fear of being wrong, why, because I hear him. He is leading me into His truths, in his perfect timing. It is not I or what I do but Him alone. I can rest in my journey looking different from someone else’s, and trust him both with theirs and mine, because it is all in His capable hands. I was asked recently how can God tell one person something and another person believe they hear something else. When I asked him he said, “There are different levels to understanding,  and there are strongholds that keep people from seeing truths in their lives. Until those strongholds are peeled away by my capable hands the fullness of my truths are not perceived.”

Thank God for his peeling in our lives.  I may have less layers pulled away than someone else in an area and am not yet fully partaking in God’s fullness of life in that area. Likewise, there may be other areas where I have more layers that have been pulled away, more truth revealed, that is the beauty in this journey. He is the one leading us and we can trust Him to get each of us there in His perfect timing.

As a body of believers so many struggle, as I myself did with others whose views differed from mine. Let me ask you to look at your views from a year ago, two years ago, 10 years ago, did they look the same as they do now? Has there been change?  If you met yourself today and sat down and discussed your beliefs would you say to that old self you are so wrong on this issue and that issue?  I would challenge you that there will be at least one area where we each can say yes. I encourage you to remember that the next time someone has a different view than you do. Would you allow yourself to be open to their own journey? Would you be willing to listen to views opposite of your own, trusting Daddy to lead you into His truth? Would you be open to investigate, listen, dig, and maybe even learn?  Possibly Daddy may use those very differences to help sharpen you as we walk in love and not condemnation and fear of those differences. What a beautiful body of believers that would be.939169_82911775

There is such a beautiful rest in trusting God for your own walk and the walk of others.  There is such a rest in being able to be alright with our walks looking different, but yet still respecting and loving each other  in the body on this journey. This type of rest is one that he has been calling me to for several seasons. “Cease [striving] and know that I am God…” Psalm 46:10a

The word for cease is Raphaw which means to sink down, relax in, wait patiently on Him.

Daddy I pray that each person reading this today would have a greater revelation of what your rest means and what you intend for it to look like in their own life.  I pray that you would open their hearts to dialogue and inquiry and that you would speak softly the truth about who they are in you today. Blessings.

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