The Finished Work


My heart is heavy this morning as I ponder the truth of the gospel.  I am involved in many online prophetic groups and more and more I am seeing a true lack of understanding of Grace and Daddy’s finished work. A lack of understanding of our true identities in God, and the understanding of the loving Father we have.

My heart breaks for these sons and daughters. For those who are still on the hamster wheel of earning, of doing, of trying to earn what has already been freely given to them. It breaks my heart because I was once them.  I was striving to earn the approval, the Atta boy, the well done.  There was no rest, there was no joy, there was no peace.

Especially at this time of the year I am reminded of how far I have come in this journey. During this time when many are gearing up for fasts, make resolutions, promises. I was once there.  I once felt too, that I must complete a fast to be worthy, to get more of God, to hear him better, to earn his favor. I felt that not doing it would have meant I was somehow less than, not worthy, not as good, missing out. Praise God the bridegroom is within me. We don’t earn Daddy’s gifts, we can’t make him give us more, he has already given us everything.  We can come to a greater revelation of that truth for sure and I am each and every day because of His constant pursuit of me but nothing I do or don’t do affects that.  That is the freedom of knowing who you are.

One thing I’ve come to look for, to recognize on this journey is the real fruit of the spirit.  Where there is fruit, you know, there is a healthy understanding. I never even understood what real fruit looked like because I was so focused on producing my own, fake fruit if you will. I thought those that were exhibiting the real thing where lying, faking it. How ironic.  I couldn’t believe that they were for real because I had never experienced it for myself, so it had to be fake.  It was so hard for me to understand, comprehend, believe. Now, after seeing the real fruit manifest in my own life, Glory to God, I understand, comprehend and believe, it is real.

I see prophets who do not understand this truth. They are using their gift to call out, condemn, judge, and shame the body.  My heart breaks for them because I know where they are, I understand the gap of knowledge that has yet to be unveiled about the true nature of God and thus forth themselves.

I am not angry at the words they speak, my heart breaks for them.  I know they place they are in. The anger that bubbles up in me however is at the deception that is winning.  At the theft that is taking place in the body and with the beautiful gift of prophecy.  Prophecy is meant to build up the body, to encourage, edify, and uplift.  How can we do that if we still believe that Daddy has not perfected us, completed us, finished the work? How can we speak His heart over others if we do not understand His heart, His Love, His approval?

I know that my view on many things does not match everyone else’s. I know that some of what I write is difficult for others to read, it may even anger them.  I get that, I do.  I too have read things that challenged me in such a way that I was angry, very angry, because although it resonated perfectly with the Spirit of God within me it did not line up with what I had believed.

It was a tension inside of me and it was uncomfortable at best.  In that however, I can now look back and see how Daddy was leading me into his freedom. My heart is heavy this morning for those who have not fully realized the beauty of our Father.  Now I’m not saying I have arrived at the place of total understanding, no.  The beauty of this journey is that there is always more to uncover about our Papa.  That this love affair is a constant discovery of His goodness and love of Me. Of you.

This year my prayer is that you would see, know, and believe the goodness of your Father in Heaven.  That you would experience His fruit, the real deal, effortlessly pouring out of you.  That nothing would feel like a work to you any longer because you are so immersed in His love that it is that love alone that persuades you and gives you the desire to act. This type of life is possibly, the constant back and forth of effortless communication with the Father, a back and forth so natural, so constant, so easy. That praise and worship flows from your lips because you see the beauty, the amazingness of Daddy. That it flows out of recognition of who He is and who He says you are.

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