Why I Write

I write words, a lot, some I share publicly some are hidden away in my journals for my later generations to read. They are real, raw, and truthful, I hope that when my children read them they will see me as they knew me, there will be no surprises, no wow moments. They will only say yup that was my mom. I want my kids to know me on a deep personal level, so I do share my struggles with them, I do not hide my battle with depression or anxiety, and they witness it firsthand. It wasn’t always this way, but Daddy has changed me over the years and with it my parenting style.

My openness has helped two of my children who struggle with the same learn that they are OK, that this doesn’t define them that they can overcome. They learn, they love, they receive and so do I from them. Being real brought freedom, and that is my passion.

God has given me a love of writing, I’ve always written it is my passion. To be called to use that passion to speak truth into others is a huge blessing in my own life. Being real can be scary; opening yourself to others isn’t easy, especially if you are still looking to others for your acceptance.

I write because you matter to me, I write because I want you to see how beautiful you are, how valuable you are, how much Daddy loves you. I write for freedom, to expose the truth, and to show each of you just as my kiddos that in realness there is freedom and healing.

Thank you for being a part of this journey with me, in April it will have been just a year that I started this blog, it’s hard to believe it has been such a short time.

I hope that over this past year you have felt Daddy’s love through my words, that you have been stretched in your beliefs and that you have come to know me a little better.




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