You Enemy isn’t Who You Think it is!

Hold the Attack

The other day the Lord had me paraphrase in Julie speak Psalm 31:10-20 for myself. At the time I felt it was an odd passage to translate as it wasn’t really relative to what was occuring in my life at that moment and then last night and this morning he brought it back to my mind and began speaking to me about it further.  One part of what I summarized that really stood out to me was what I had wrote for verse 15. I had summarized it as “My here and now is in your hand. Save me from the hand of those who have made me their enemy and continue to persecute me.”

Save me from those who have made me their enemy, spoke to my spirit. I heard Julie you are not their enemy, they have made you into that in their own minds.  So many times we make others into our enemies in this battle but in reality that is not true, they are at the same table God has prepared for us feasting with us.

Psalms 23 He prepares a table before me in the presence of my enemies.

The word enemy here in this verse is starer-to cramp (literally or figuratively), cause distress, is an adversary.

If you have ever had a cramp you know that it is painful. Our “enemy” therefor cramps our style, or is literally a pain in our butt so to speak, causes distress, and is our adversary.

When we look at that definition is it people that really are our enemy?  Who is the real adversary? We may think it is the person behind the words or actions that is the one we should be fighting against, but if we are looking at them and seeing enemy and not beloved son/daughter their true identiteis whose perception are we looking through? Is it not that perception itself that is our true adversary?

Eph 6:12 For our struggle (wrestling, conflict, fight) is not against flesh (“carnal” human origin or empowerment)

**That part of the verse right there woke me up, my fight isn’t again human empowerment, it’s not about the human actions its about the source behind what is birthing them.

Eph 6: 12 (cont) but against the rulers (initial starting point, origin) and against the powers (delegated empowerment, authority), and against the world focus (ruler of this world, referring to Satan) of this darkness (physical or moral) against the spiritual [forces] of wickedness (pain, laborious trouble and toil, inequity) in the heavenly places.

Beloved people are not the enemy, our fight should not be against one another, but against the origin of that mindset, that self delegated independent spirit mentality stemming from Satans lie of inequity in the spiritual rhelm.

Romans 12:17 Never pay back evil fro evil to anyone. Respect (foresee in advance) what is right in the sight of all men. If possible (strong, mighty, powerful) so far as it depends on you be at peace (bring peace, be at peace) with all men.

It is not the person who is slinging the mud at you that is your adversary, it is the one that has deceived God’s beloved to begin the mud slinging in the first place.



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